Random Scribbles #4 + ASLDJSADLJSADLKJ

Holy Hell, my layout looks terrible in Google Chrome D:
I know what's happening...tables are not separating correctly, seemingly a simple mistake in coding, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why it's acting that way.

-flails arms-

In other, more positive news, I won two signed books from Chris Evans on his LJ raffle...contest like thing (: I was so excited; I never win anything that has to do the least bit with chance. Rock Paper Scissors is like the bane of my existence.
Not to mention, how cool is that? A book series I really enjoy, signed by the author himself ~(*u*~) I asked him to include two quotes from his own favorite books, because I'm weird and things like that interest me.

Anywho, now-obligatory collection of random sketches and junk...

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Random Scribbles #3 + S.R.

Oi, what a mess.

For quite a few years now (4), I have debated with myself over what exactly I really wanted to do with S.R. The idea of writing the entire thing as a book series and then promptly burying it away seemed tempting, but not because I wanted to hide away the story, simply that I wanted to hide away my horrid writing, for the safety of the general public. I avoided the idea of a comic, because 1.) That still involves my horrid writing, and 2.) That involves paneling.
I despise paneling, I really do. But it's come to the point that I am slightly less reluctant to use it, and thus occasionally able to put out a comic page here or there, or a reference sheet (as shown in one of my previous journals) that actually reads through a certain way...

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Random Scribbles #1

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Oh, and on an unrelated note, I ventured off to see Harry Potter 6 yesterday with Clarissa - I was fairly pleased with the movie overall except: Ginny's actress, Dumbledore's Actor (neither of which I have liked in any of the movies. I miss the original Dumbledore Actor ): ), and all the focus on teenage drama. I mean, if I thought I was at a significant risk of dying on a daily basis, I'd be less preoccupied with who's making out with who, and a bit more focused on the not dying bit.

...But yeah, over all I liked it.
I swear Alan Rickman was born to play Snape. It was his destiny from the moment he took a breath.
(They could have put more focus on him, too.
And Lupin - even if he wasn't in the 6th book that much. We could always use more Lupin.)